A Few Dog Owners Leave Unwelcome Gifts for Their Neighbors

Most local dog owners faithfully clean up after their dogs while walking, jogging, or running around the Haller Lake neighborhood. But their is at least one dog owner that most inconsiderately leaves their pet’s piles on the sidewalk or adjacent property-owners’ lawns. This is not only unslightly, messy (pun intended!), a pail for the property owners, and a really bad problem for people who use the sidewalk. Imagine soneone with a nice white carpet in their living room and they come home not knowing that they have stepped in some dog poop. And all the people that enjoy walking, jogging, and running around the lake only to suddenly step in an unexpected pile of the stuff.

I don’t have a solution to this problem. I’m hoping that other people can come with some ideas. It might very well happen at night or early morning when there’s no witnesses. I think it is often somebody running or jogging with a dog, as often there are pieces of the stuff scattered along a couple of hundred feet of the sidewalk, as if the large dog (I can tell by the size of the poop) was running and pooping at the same time.

I notice that most people walking their dogs have a plastic bag with them, presumably for cleaning up their dog’s poop. And I really thank those people, so long as they take the filled bag home and dispose of it properly, not drop them someplace along the way or put them in somebody else’s trash can. In fact there used to be a round black metal trash bin provided by Metro Transit affixed to a bus sign post on the north side of N. 128th St. just west of Meridian. This container had a sign to please not use it for pet waste, but it was still being used a convenient repository for bags of dog poop, until finally a few months ago the container was removed.

But despite all the nice people that properly take care of their dog waste, there is obviously at least one person, and probably a few more, that seem to care nothing about other people and leave things where they fall, which is extremely inconsiderate of other people who want to use the sidewalk or take care of their lawns. (ever hit some of that stuff with a lawn mower or weed trimmer? Yuk!)

WARNING! The following pictures are rated "Y" for "Yucky!" Do not proceed to scroll down unless you are are willing to view some rather gross pictures of dog poop!

Photo of a new sidewalk.
This is what a nice, clean, new sidewalk should look like. This picture is actually here as a buffer between the warning above and the gross pictures below.

Photo of dog poop on somebody’s lawn.
Poop and Clover – on somebody’s lawn on N. 128th St.

Photo of dog poop on somebody’s lawn.
The Beautiful and the Ugly – on somebody’s lawn on Corliss Ave. N.

Photo of dog poop on somebody’s lawn.
On somebody’s lawn on N. 128th St.

Photo of dog poop on somebody’s lawn.
On somebody’s lawn on Corliss Ave. N. The condition of the poop (not obvious in the photo) indicates it was deposited several times over several days. This is from a really inconsiderate person that should keep their dog at home and let it poop in their own yard!

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