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Northacres Park

In the Haller Lake area of north Seattle, there is a small popular park called Northacres park, owned and operated by a department of the City of Seattle, Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Photo of two playgrounds at Northacres Park There are two playgrounds next to each other in the western part of the park. It appears that the playground in the foreground of this photo is for little kids and the one behind it with the slide and swings are for the older kids.
Photo of spray park at Northacres Park About a hundred feet or so north of the playgrounds, there is a spray park with water spraying out of various overhead fixtures. The kids (and probably some adults) really enjoy running around in the spraying water.
Photo of trail through forest at Northacres Park Forest still covers the northern part of the park and down the center between the western and eastern parts. This photo shows one of a number of trails through the forested area.
Photo of ballfield at Northacres Park

Photo of ballfields at Northacres Park
These two photographs show the ballfields in the extreme eastern part of the park. The concrete wall in the far background is a sound wall separating the park from Interstate Highway 5. This part of the park is accesseble by driving east on N.E. 125th St. from 1st Ave. N.E., then making a left turn north on 3rd Ave. N.E.
Photo of off-leash dog area at Northacres Park On the eastern side of the park, at the north end of the parking area, there is a fenced area for letting dogs loose without their leash. The small pen in the foreground is not the off-leash area! It happens to be in the foreground in this photo, but is just one small corner of the much larger of the off-leash area. The small area has two gates, one to the outside and one to the off-leash area. It is where pet owners can remove leashes before turning their pets loose in the larger area beyond, or putting leashes back on before taking the dogs out of the area.
Photo of parking lot on western side of Northacres Park On the western side of the park there is a medium-size parking lot with access at each end from 1st Ave. N.E. This view is looking northeast from the other side of the street.
Photo of parking lot on eastern side of Northacres Park There is considerable parking space on the east side of the park, with access from N.E. 125th St. at 3rd Ave. N.E. This view is from the south, looking north.

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