Improve the Seattle Center Monorail

I am suggesting improvements to the Seattle Center Monorail to improve capacity and to better serve Key Arena.

Improve the station at Westlake Center by enlarging the station, permitting boarding of both trains at the same time, and eliminating the “choke point” where the two tracks are too close together near the station, preventing both trains to be in that area at the same time because they will sideswipe each other. One plan by VIA Architecture is described in an article in the Seattle Times. Another possibility is to build a new station in Westlake Plaza, across Pine Street from the present station, but with better appearance than the original station built there for the 1992 World’s Fair.

Extend the guideway (tracks) to a new station adjacent to Key Arena.

Build a new station just south of the current station near the Armory to allow the extension to pass just south of the Armory along Thomas street to a new station south of Key Arena. A switch would permit trains to enter the old station for storage and maintenance.

Click here for more details about my suggestions.

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