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Light Rail Station Under the Washington State Convention Center

There is currently under construction a large multistory extension being built to enlarge the Washington State Convention Center is Seattle. The extension is being built over the former Convention Center Station of the Metro bus system. This station is now closed and being demolished as part of the Convention Center extension.

The bus station is, or was, at the end of the transit tunnel that runs under Downtown Seattle, and is shared by both buses and light rail. The rail line split from the bus line just before exiting the tunnel and was not part of the bus station.

My suggestion is to take advantage of the light rail line in this location to add a station to the light rail line.

There is a relatively thin wall separating the light rail tracks from the former bus station. My suggestion is to remove the wall and add a light rail station at this lacation.

The Convention Center Station would not only provide easier access to the Convention Center, espicially for out-of-town visitors and convention goers, but also serve the growing South Lake Union area beginning just a block or two north of the Convention Center. The South Lake Union district includes several large buildings for the Amazon headquarters in addition to many other growing businesses and large residential buildings. There are also many people working in areas south and west of the transit center. Thousands of people would now be within a short walking distance of the new Transit Hub and this would cut down considerably on private use of automobiles.

Riders could also transfer to buses on the surface to take them other places.

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