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How Do We Get Money to Help the Problem with Homelessness?

Here in Seattle, and in the surrounding area, with have a serious and growing problem with homeless people. There are many ways to help with this problem, but we need money to carry out these projects. I am sure that people can come up with many ideas for raising the needed money, and I have a few suggestions of my own, below.

A graduated income tax

The state of Washington does not have an income tax. It relies mostly on sales taxes, property tax, vehicle taxes, gas tax, and other taxes. I suggest a graduated income tax, like most other states and the Federal Government. This kind of tax taxes at a higher rate as their income goes up. Click here for my suggestion for a graduated income tax.

Provide benefits for property owners that provide facilities for homeles people

Encourage people and businesses with vacant space available to provide facilites for homeless people, and in return provide some kind of benefits for the property owners, such as reduced property taxes, cash rewards, etc.

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