There are a number of issues and controversies regarding immigrants into the United States, especially those entering illegally.

In a nutshell: On one hand the United States has laws regarding the proper procedures for people from other countries to take when entering the U.S., and those who violate our laws should be subject to some sort of discipline. On the other hand, the discipline should depend on the circumstances and should be reasonable and fair.

The United States is a country where it is considered important for people to obey the law.We consider a person who breaks the law to be undesirable. An immigrant who breaks the law is therefore considered to be a person who is undesirable to settle in this country. The act of entering the country illegally instantly turns them into a law-breaker and therefore undesireable to settle in this country. There should be reasonable and fair consequences for those who enter the country illegally.

BUT: We also believe in fairness and justice. We also present the U.S. to the world as a leader and as an example of how other countries should act. If we treat law-breakers harshly and cruelly, and viloate human rights, what kind of an example does that set for the rest of the world? And where is our compassion? I think it is extremely important to balance our enforcement of our laws with the humane treatment of people and families!

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