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A Graduated Income Tax

A major problem in the State of Washington is that the tax system is regressive, that is to say it puts more of a burden on poorer people than on richer people. Washington has no income tax. The state, counties, and cities depend mostly on sales taxes and property taxes. Sales taxes are a percentage of the price of most items, regardless of how much money a person has to live on. With a graduated income tax, people with the lowest income pay no tax, and the higher the income the greater the percentage of their income is taxed.

I am in favor of a graduated income tax in Washington and a large reduction in the sales tax.

Apparently, at the present time, the Washington State Constitution prohibits a graduated income tax, therefore the first step would be to amend the constitution to permit a graduated income tax. The next step would be for the Washington State Legislature to enact a law providing for the tax.

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