A major problem in Seattle and surrounding communities is homelessness, but this is a complex problem. It is easy to view homeless people as one large group of bums that have nothing better to do, but this is an extremely simplified and false stereotype. There are a wide range of reasons why people are homeless, a wide range of character of the people and their lives, and a number of circumstances of where they “live” and under what circumstances. Most of them desperately need help, and there should be a reasonable means of funding them, and various kinds of help should be available, depending on their individual circumstances.

Why are people homeless?

People are homeless for many reasons. Some of the reasons are:

Where do they live?

Homeless people can live in a variety of places and under various circumstances. Some are:

Personal Characteristics

Homeless people, like people in general, can vary widely in their beliefs, habits, morals, and other characteristics. These are the main ones I can think of:

Problems created by homeless people

Problems may be created by the people themselves, or by their location.

Possible Solutions

These are some possible solutions that I have thought of — I am sure there are many more that people can think of:

Obligations of Homeless People

Help for the homeless should not only be a charitable mission — the homeless people themselves should share in the responsibilities within the extent of their capabilities.

Minimal Conditions Within Camps

Regardless whether the camp of facility is indoors, a tent camp, an parking lot for cars, or an RV park, there should be minimal required conditions and facilities:

Where do We Find the Money Needed to Help with the Problem of Homelessness?

We need to find sources of revenue to help with this problem. I have some suggestions and I am sure others can come up with many more ideas.

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